I graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in Fine Art in 2014 as a mature student. This was a part-time course for six years and was the opportunity I had dreamed of to study the subject that I loved so much.
I take inspiration from places I visit, always having my camera with me to record that out of the ordinary view, found object or just an interesting display.
We all have responses to colour and shape, we all know what we like and dislike. As an artist I challenge these responses, asking questions, analysing and making choices from what I see around me.
I make art from images that I photograph, draw, imagine and record from a variety of sources. I don't need a vast amount of art materials to create images, a pencil, pen, crayon, paint - in fact anything that will make a mark on a surface will mean that I have made a piece of work that did not exist before - it is my art and I am in control of the decision making process.
Please enjoy the experience with me through my website.

Marilyn Deakin BA (Hons) Fine Art - University of Nottingham

Information About Artwork in the Website Gallery

Title and Medium

Stream - Ink
Azure - Ink
Botanic Garden - Acrylic
Transition Autumn - Acrylic
Misty Walk - Watercolour Pencil
Woodland Paths - Ink and Watercolour Pencil
Caged Tiger - Digital Printing Ink
Living by Murky River - Acrylic and Ink
Not Alone- Acrylic
Tate Modern- Pencil and Acrylic
Waiting for the Storm- Watercolour
Where Sea Meets Shore- Acrylic


Era Memories
Hopton Snowdrops
Residue: Fall and Resurgence
After the Rain
River Sunset
Cityscape Tower of London
Cosmic Blue
Reaching Out
Nude Collage